Our Chacma Safari Base Camp is located in the Limpopo Province, which has been the most hunted province in South Africa for years. The reason for this is the variety of species that the bushveld has to offer as well as the fact that wildlife in the province has great value and people invest a lot of money and time in making sure that species survive and thrive in this province.

Chacma Safari is located just outside the town of Vaalwater. Vaalwater is about 184 miles (three hours drive) north of Johannesburg International Airport. Vaalwater is in the heart of the Waterberg Massif. This was the first region in northern RSA to be named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Waterberg Massif covers 14,500 square kilometers in the Northern Limpopo Province with some mountainous peaks rising to 2000 meters. It is bordered on the east by the Drakensburg Mountains and to the north by the Soutpansberg Range (the northernmost mountains in South Africa.)

The Waterberg, as the name implies, serves as a water reservoir for this arid region.  There are four main river catchment areas which provide water to an area of over 40,000km2. It is an area consisting of low mountain ranges and escarpments with poor soils and a relatively low level of economic activity.

The vegetation is dominated by different veld types, the two dominant forms being sour Bushveld and mixed Bushveld which are typical savanna vegetation types, as well as the Waterberg Moist Mountain Bushveld.  In the South central and highest parts of the Waterberg is the North-Eastern Mountain Sourveld which is one of the most threatened veld types in Limpopo.  The Waterberg has unique rock formations, a result of the steep terrain, sandstone base rock and high rainfall in some areas.

The surrounding area of the Chacma Game Reserve represents a considerable area of savanna biome of Southern Africa and contains a high level of biological diversity including many Red Data and orange listed species of conservation concern, and many endemic species.   The low human density ensures large areas of unspoiled wilderness and open spaces are a main characteristic of the Waterberg area.

From our Chacma Safari Base Camp we have access to over 200,000 acres of pristine bushveld purposefully selected to produce high numbers of quality trophy animals. Some of the concession areas require some traveling as some species are bound to different topographical and habitat areas within the province. Access to such a large land base ensures that clients have a private, independent safari experience free from encounters with other hunters. Please refer to our species list elsewhere on our website to see the species of plains game and dangerous game available from our Chacma Safari Base Camp.

Accommodations at Chacma Safari include 5 en-suite rooms  and combined lounge/bar/dining facility. The rooms are comfortable and spacious with baths and/or showers.  Each room has hot & cold water as well as cooling & heating. The entertainment area has a large bar area and big fireplace where guests can relax with a drink and remines about the day’s hunting. The dining room has two large dining tables able to seat 20 people. A comfortable seating area in front of the fireplace offers an inviting location to sit with friends or watch television. The exterior covered porch contains comfortable seating and is a relaxing place to enjoy stunning views as the sun sets in the west. The nearby boma is a communal place to enjoy a blazing fire on chilly nights as your harvested venison is perfectly prepared to your individual preference.

Besides the world class hunting, additional recreational opportunities are practically limitless. Non-hunting family members will have plenty to do. The challenge will be verbalized as, “How do I fit it all in?” rather than “How do I occupy my time?” To learn more about all there is to see and do, please refer to the remainder of our website regarding the Limpopo Province.

As to conveniences, Vaalwater is only 32 miles away and contains restaurants and shopping. For any medical emergencies we refer our guests to Lephalale Mediclinic which is about 74 miles from the base camp.

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