2014-09-03 10.30.18cChacma Safaris have been hunting with clients for many a years and still the feeling of anticipation and satisfaction have not subsided. Hunting in Africa is a privilege and we want to share this passion we have for hunting with our clients. Hunting is a total experience from a warm welcome at the airport, a soft bed to sleep in, a good meal after a day’s hunting, a sympathetic ear after a shot missed, a friend to share a celebration drink after a successful hunt, a beautiful trophy to show and eventually a fond goodbye till we meet again. The “Van der Merwe’s” take pride in the fact that clients leave as friends.

Year in and year out we grow as a Hunting Outfitter and we spread our clientele through the world. We have friends throughout USA, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Asia, England and many more. We pride ourselves that all our clients leave with good memories and even better trophies.  We pay attention to detail and our respect for nature and the art of hunting rubs off on all our clients making them return year after year.

A partnership was born through a mutual passion and so we walk a new path yet again and with this new venture comes new possibilities and opportunities. We broaden our borders into vast and unpopulated areas of Africa. South Africa as our base camp will provide the luxuries our clients are use to at home while still experiencing hunting in Africa. The Lodge is situated in the majestic Waterberg Mountain range in the Limpopo province with beautiful scenery and breathtaking sunsets. Animals in abundance but clients still need to work for their beautiful trophies.  Our hunting experience however extends to the African continent and clients can hunt darkest Africa where it is still wild and untamed.

Chacma Safaris - Willem (Wim) van der Merwe
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Warning: We respect the fact that you may not be a hunter and would like to warn you that some of the pictorial content may be disturbing to sensitive visitiors. Wildlife management and balanced conservation necessitates harvesting.

Read our Code of Hunting practice to learn how we do that sustainably and responsibly.