mark 2006 256c-002There are so much said about hunting in Africa, but we believe there are no words that can wholly describe the feeling of accomplishment for a hunter to track & hunt a trophy in the wild African bushveldt!

If you have been fortunate to experience it before, you know why you want to return - it is a thrill beyond compare!

Chacma Safaris is a Hunting Outfitter that creates memories with our authentic attention to detail and clients have a magnificent trophy to show for it. With more than 16 years experience, professional hunter and outfitter Willem van der Merwe and Chacma Safaris has the means and ability to help clients find and hunt the animals they desire.
Our hunting concessions in South Africa provide hunters and non-hunters with hearty hospitality and a unique ambiance of African skies and hunting opportunities.

We pride ourselves that clients leave as friends.

Chacma Safaris - Willem (Wim) van der Merwe
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Warning: We respect the fact that you may not be a hunter and would like to warn you that some of the pictorial content may be disturbing to sensitive visitiors. Wildlife management and balanced conservation necessitates harvesting.

Read our Code of Hunting practice to learn how we do that sustainably and responsibly.