FIREARMS & Ammunition for your Safari

A medium calibre bolt-action rifle such as 7mm and .30 calibres are suitable for most plains game(antelope) and leopards.
If dangerous game is to be hunted, a minimum of .375 H & H Magnum is compulsory and larger calibres if preferred by the client.

Use only the best premium grade bullets available such as Rhino, Swift A, Barnes X or Trophy Bonded. Solids are recommended for thick-skinned animals such as rhino and elephant. We recommend 80 rounds per caliber. It is wise to practice your shooting well before the safari so that you are totally comfortable with your rifle/s and ammunition.

Entry regulations:

All visitors require a passport, valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of the intended visit. Travelers must ensure passports contain at least one unused page. It is imperative that travelers confirm regulations with their nearest South African embassy or consulate.

Temporary Import Permit

Chacma Safaris will apply for temporary import permit of your firearms prior to your arrival in South Africa should you require.

Send this documentation by registered mail / courier to Chacma Safaris to reach our office at least 35 days prior to your arrival.

PO Box 483,



E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Info needed to apply for you firearm import permit:

  1. Certified / Notarized copy of passport (copy must be clear and readable, a scan and print sometimes work better).
  2. Certified / Notarized copy of airline ticket / itinerary.
  3. Certified / Notarized copy of firearm license and proof of export (USA - form 4457 is acceptable).
  4. A letter / e-mail to Chacma Safaris as confirmation that you give us permission to apply and sign the SAP520 form on your behalf. (This must also contain your physical address and at least 2 contact numbers. Also verify the manufacturer, caliber, model and serial number of the rifles.)
  5. Type and amount of ammunition that you will be bringing with (We recommend 80 rounds per caliber).
  6. Full names and passport number of your spouse / partner. (No need for a copy).

Please make sure that the handwriting on everything is clearly readable, especially the serial numbers.

Once Chacma Safaris have all the info, we will fill out the SAP520 on your behalf, add on the invitation letter and submit it.

Important information regarding guns imported into South Africa:

The following firearms and ammunition will NOT be allowed into SA:

  • Any automatic, semi-automatic rifles or shotguns
  • Any pistol or revolver (unless specified for hunting and accompanied by a written motivation)
  • More than one rifle of a caliber per person (limited to 2 rifles per person)
  • More than 200 rounds of ammunition per caliber

Temporary Import Permits will not be issued for anyone under the age of 21.

Also, please ensure that your firearms arrive on the same flight as you do. This must be done with the airline company on departure. Your firearms may only be signed for by you and WILL NOT be released to your outfitter or professional hunter should it arrive on a separate flight. In this case, the firearms will be held by the SAPS until you claim ownership in person.

The temporary import permit serves as your firearms license in South Africa.

There is NO permit required, nor any charge by the SAPS for a bow.

Handling fees are charged by airline and / or security companies for bows and handguns, but NOT for rifles.

On arrival at Johannesburg International Airport (O.R Tambo International):

  • Clear customs and passport control
  • Pick-up general baggage
  • Proceed to SAPS firearms office.
  • A Chacma Safaris representative will also meet you at the SAPS office.
  • Your firearms and ammunition will be physically inspected to verify details against the already issued permit and those of the licenses. Once this is established you are free to leave with your weapons.
  • If taking a connecting flight from Johannesburg International (OR Tambo International), we recommend that you leave a minimum of 3 hours between flights.


Hunting Laws

Hunting ordinances, regulations, seasons, etc. are controlled and promulgated by the nature conservation authorities in the various provinces. Regulations stipulate which species can be hunted, when, where, and by whom.

The provinces also maintain official control of the trophy hunting industry in South Africa. Prospective foreign clients must make their arrangements through a licensed Hunting Outfitter and be guided on the hunt by a licensed Professional Hunter. Professional Hunters/Outfitters must hold licenses for each province where they operate. Hunting is regulated on a provincial basis.

Chacma Safaris is an accredited hunting outfitter. We obtain all our licenses and hunting permits prior to the hunting season and only hunts on Nature conservation approved hunting areas. Clients do not have to apply for any hunting permits except for a CITES 1 animal; in that case Chacma Safaris will supply you with all the information.

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